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not an item in that Declaration, I believe, which
a man will not consider to be a reasonable
demand—so far as he himself is concerned. He
will subscribe to it in that spirit very readily.
But when he is asked not only to subscribe to
it as something he has to concede by that same
gesture to everybody else in the world , but as
something for which he has to make all the
sacrifices necessary for its practical realisation,
he will discover a reluctance to " go so far as
that", He will find a serious resistance welling
up from his sub-conscious and trying to justify
itself in his thoughts.                 *
The things he will tell you will be very variable;
but the word cc premature " wiU play a large
part in it. He will display a tremendous tender-
ness and consideration with which you have
never credited him before, for servants, for
workers, for aliens and particularly for aliens
of a different colour from himself. They will
hurt themselves with aH this dangerous liberty.
Are they Jz£, he will ask you, for all this freedom ?
" Candidly, axe they fit for it ? M He will be
slightly offended if you will say, " As fit as you
are". He will say in a slightly amused tone,
" But how can you say that ? " and then going
off rather at a tangent, " I am afraid you
idealise your fellow-creatures."